Private Services

Private Reports and Claims Forms

Please allow approx. 10 days for the doctors to complete paperwork on your behalf. Many of these forms are not covered by the NHS and there will be a charge for completing them.

Full details of charges can be requested from reception.

Private Referrals

The doctor can provide you with a specialist’s details.

However if you are expecting your health insurance to pay you must check with them first to ensure that the specialist recommended to you is on their list of approved specialists.

Assuming that the insurance company approves you can then arrange the appointment directly with the specialist’s secretary. However bear in mind that it may take up to seven working days for your referral letter to be dictated and typed.

Private letters are not given priority over NHS letters.

Your referral letter will be left at reception for you to collect. You will either need to take this letter with you to your appointment or if the specialist has requested, forward it to them in advance. If you wish your letter to be posted please provide us with a stamped addressed envelope.

Any queries regarding private or NHS referrals, please call the practice and ask to speak to a secretary.